Locksmith Oakland Gardens NY

Locksmith Oakland Gardens NY

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Tips To Prevent Locksmith Oakland Gardens NY Fraud

Locksmith Oakland Gardens NY As scary as it sounds, locksmith fraud has become part of our daily lives. Some locksmiths target property and car owners when they are in desperate need of assistance and in an emergency.

In most cases, we feel that looking for a locksmith Oakland Gardens NY service online is perhaps the best decision, but you could become a victim of fraudsters who imitate genuine locksmiths on the online directories. Most of these impersonators do not have any local workshop and aren’t even properly trained or certified for the practice.

As such, there are several cautious steps that you should take to help avoid hiring an untrained impersonator or a scamming company.



Locksmith Queens Inc Is ‘Local’ is the Key Term 

It’s important that you do your homework. Take your time and don’t skimp on the search. If a locksmith service company is registered with a local address, ensure you google the address and find out if there’s any other business registered with the same address.

You should always be aware of companies that answer calls with generic phrases like ‘Welcome to Locksmith Services’, even if you are in an emergency. If the service provider you contact is not willing to give you a legal business name, you should look for another locksmith.


Beware of Low Quotes In Oakland Gardens NY

You should always ask for a quote on the phone before allowing the locksmith to meet you. Be skeptical of any technician that low balls the service cost. That is a huge red flag. You should ask for the service fees, emergency costs as well as the labor costs. It would be unwise to allow someone to work on your property or car without full knowledge of the fees you could incur.


Check Identification & License In Locksmith Queens Inc

When the locksmith gets to your location, it’s imperative to ask for identification and a locksmith license where applicable. Locksmith Oakland Gardens NY Licensing is mandatory, making it illegal to work or even advertise locksmith services without ideal credentials.


Vehicle Identification In Oakland Gardens NY

You should always keep an eye on the surroundings. If a person arrives in an unmarked car and claims they are with a particular locksmith company, that is a major red flag. Genuine and professional locksmith companies send their technicians in vehicles that are marked with company logos, brand named tools as well as phone numbers.


Locksmith Oakland Gardens NY


Beware of Hidden Charges In Oakland Gardens NY

It’s important to ask whether there are any extra charges, particularly in emergency situations. A scammer might ideally claim the lock on your house or car is obsolete and needs replacing. They will charge you as much as they can to replace the existing lock with one that they will claim is the best in the industry, which is rarely the case. You might end up paying them to replace an excellent lock with a cheap model for a higher price.


Ask for a Written Estimate From Locksmith Queens Inc

Ask with any other service, you should ask for a written estimate. This protects you from additional labor fees and hidden charges. If the locksmith is hesitant on giving you a signed written estimate, then don’t do business with them. It might be a sign that they aren’t reputable and just want to make some quick cash.

Also, the written estimate should be detailed enough. It should include all the important aspects of the job including the cost of arrival, necessary parts and labor costs as well. It should ideally be an on-site estimate. Fraudulent locksmiths will change the estimate upon arrival by adding hidden fees before the job starts. Ensure you’re safe from such unscrupulous service providers.


Avoid Cash Transactions In Oakland Gardens NY

Reputable locksmith Oakland Gardens NY company will give you the option to pay in cash, credit and/or check. Any locksmith that insists on cash is only looking to make quick money and there is a huge possibility that it’s a scam. This is ideally an important question that you should ask beforehand. Ensure you know how they accept payments before work begins.


Don’t Leave the Technicians Unattended In Oakland Gardens NY

It is also recommended that you trust the individual who has arrived to assist you, but you should keep an eye on what they’re doing. Being careful can prevent you from being a scam victim in more ways than you can imagine.

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