Key Duplication

Key Duplication

Key Duplication

Why Choose A Locksmith For That Key Duplication?

Having a set of duplicate keys for your house and car is a good idea. All too often people have a tendency to lose or misplace their keys, and having an extra set kept in a safe place allows you to continue with your daily life without missing a beat. But just where do you go in order to get your duplicate keys made.

Key Duplication

All Keys Duplicated in One Place

You can get cheap duplicate keys made at any place that has the ability to cut keys. While one of these places works well for duplicating common keys for doors or lock boxes, but if you want a duplicate of your car key or a card key then you need to go a place that specializes in making and programming these types of keys. A complete service locksmith is the ideal place to get all your duplicate keys made in a single place. Locksmiths often have the machinery and knowledge to not only copy those standard cut keys, but can also cut car keys and add the computer chip and program it so it works with your car. Being able to get all of your duplicate keys made in a single place saves you both time and money.

Where to Get That Key Duplication

If you live in Queens and need to have keys duplicated, Locksmith Queens Inc. can take care of all your key duplication needs. Whether you are an individual that just needs one or two keys duplicated for your children, or a business that needs duplicate keys for your trusted employees, or simply have lost your house or car keys and need to have them replaced Locksmith Queens Inc. can make those duplicate keys for you with no hassle.

As a fully licensed and insure Locksmith company we have the knowledge and tools to duplicated any type of key that you need duplicated from simply cutting a traditional key to fitting a new car key with a fob and computer chip and programming it to work into your car, to those special keys for your security locks including those security key pads.

Locksmiths Queens Inc. can not only make those duplicate keys, but can install and repair your locks including security locks for both your home and business. They also provide lock and key services for your car and are available in the case of an emergency.

If you are looking for a licensed and qualified locksmith then give us a call at 212-203-6021 and let us know how we can be of service to you.

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